If you have been prescribed positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy to treat sleep apnea you will receive two key components, a machine and a mask. The PAP machine will gently blow air into your airway to prevent it from closing. It will use a mask to deliver the air through your nose and/or mouth.

The mask is the most critical part of the PAP system, selecting the right mask is key to your success on therapy.

If you are a new patient, one of our licensed respiratory therapists will work with you to find the most comfortable and effective mask. We supply masks of various styles and sizes from all major manufacturers as illustrated below.

There are two primary types of mask systems:

- Nasal masks are used by most PAP patients, these masks cover only the nose to provide the pressure support
- Full Face masks are used by patients who breathe through their mouths and do not tolerate nasal masks
- Nasal Pillows systems that fit right up to the opening of your nose

During the adaptation process you may need to be refitted with a new mask to gain a higher level of comfort that will allow you to stay on the therapy. While we make regular calls to monitor your adaptation progress, please contact us if you feel that you need to be refit, if you need a replacement mask or if you are having problems adjusting to your machine.

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